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This is my last post on this blog. I have decided to call it a day with “Cyberevolved” and move forwards with a brand new blog. I will leave this online for the time being, for posterity and all that, but in the future I will be blogging from my new home:-

The Timevortex

This will begin with my adventures in travel (soon) and will grow from there. You will read of Hong Kong, various parts of the UK and Paris, and the Czec republic and then Dubai finally returning home to New Zealand.

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It’s approximately 56 days 3 hours 37 minutes until I head back to the UK…

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Mead…or Metheglin?

So – hey folks? It’s been a while. A long while… I’d almost thought I’d been lost in the hum-drum of reality for ever yet here I am back on the ether typing, speaking of ether… (smooth segway) – I have decided to make some home made Mead/Metheglin (on the cheap!!); no special tools, no special containers just stuff you can buy from the supermarket with the only specialty item being the yeast! I started my first batch last night.


4L of Distilled water from supermarket
1.4Kg of clear honey of your choice
An Orange
Approx. 25 Raisins (to feed the yeast)
1.5 teaspoons of SN9 Yeast (Wine Yeast)
a party ballon and a pin (el cheapo airlock)
and lots of patience

Method to the must:-

1) Pour off about half the water
2) Tip in the honey (sit in hot water for a few minutes to make it flow better)
3) Slice the orange into pieces small enough to fit into the bottle.
4) chuck in the raisins
5) Add the yeast
6) Replace lid on bottle (and this is IMPORTANT) shake it as viigorously as you like for a good 5 minutes changing the attitude of the bottle to avoid the honey sinking to the bottom, eventually the honey will mix and the yeast will have enough oxygen to kick off their little alcohol party ;p
7) replace the lid with the balloon after first piercing a hole in it.

Now if you have done everything right, you will see a rather proud (non flacid) ballon in about 2-3 hours depending on the temeperature of the room. Leave this alone for at least 2 weeks before taste testing.

Optional – After two months transfer the liquid to a new bottle.

Otherwise leave it for at least 6 months and/or until the balloon dies down (indicating the yeast has finished it’s job, or the alcohol level has reached about 14-15% thus killing off the yeast).

At this stage you will have perfectly drinkable Mead, though if you can be patient bottle it and leave for a further 3 months for the best result.

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OMG! It’s 2013, How on earth did that happen?

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Christmas Cheer!

So this weekend just gone, I took part in the Christmas Parade for Wellington, not in the band as usual but as a character from my childhood see if you can guess who?

Peter Rabbit

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