Sign of a true geek?

Well, here we go – a Linux Computer, made the size of a deck of cards (more or less) and all for the modest sum of approx. $50nz or 35 English pounds!

Raspberry-pi B

I have mine on pre-order –> Raspberry-PI Model B

My plan is to hook this up to a 7inch battery powered HDMI LCD, and maybe integrate it with an Arduino for some real FUN projects!

The options are endless 😀

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Geek Newsflash!!!

I was shown this at work today, and thought the need to share it on my blog!? It would appear life imitating art has struck again with the current developments going on at Washington University, as tested by rabbits! So it must be true!

Imagine a contact-lens with a built in circuit board, and lights, that could super-impose information on top of what you see….enhancing your vision with holographic information, or enhanced outlines of common landmarks, well that applications are endless! Anyhoo the link is here >> Hi! I’m a LINK << Go see! In other news, less than a week till the New Zealand Brass Band Nationals!!!?!! ….and one more exclamation mark for good measure… !

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