Biggest Loser a-la work continues…

Somehow without going overboard, i.e. simply by changing my exercise routine a bit, and lowering my alcohol intake each week, I have managed to go from 106.6kgs down to just over 101kg in the last month! Which just goes to show what can be achieved in a short period. Our competition is on for another 5 months though so I imagine I’ll be fairly trim on the other side. Ideally I’d like to get down to about 85kgs but I will settled for the 92kg mark.

In other news – I don’t suppose you remember me mentioning I had ordered a Raspberry-Pi? anyhoo… Whilst I eagerly await it’s arrival I am starting the planning stages of my slightly work related project for it, The idea is simple enough Come up with a case incorporating a small but functional LED/LCD Display and an extra Ethernet port courtesy of the USB ports, I may well include extra USB hard-drive storage in the design. I will then work on porting Wire-shark/Tshark across to the box and basically build an in-line network protocol analyzer with built in digital display, so you can see the packets going through the wire as they happen. Shouldn’t be a lot of work to do here, as I will be pulling together some already well established open source tools together into the one, small formfactor box. The advantage of this box, is that it’s often cumbersome to use wireshark in a network/datacentre environment where these days both space and power are of a premium. A device like this which could even run off batteries solves that problem and could well enhance the toolset of any seasoned or novice network engineer – without necessarily breaking the bank! I’ll post on my prgress towards this end here… so watch this space :)

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Happy New Year 2012!!

Wow…doesn’t even seem like I’ve had a holiday. On Christmas Eve Rachael and I moved house (yes, again!) this time we intend to stay put for a little longer than 8 months hopefully. We didn’t finish moving fully until the 4th January 2012 and even as we speak I am waiting for the broadband to be reconnected!!!! (Slingshot customer servce leaves a lot to be desired).

In between all this excitement however we found some small amount of time to pop down to the South Island to stay with Rachael’s grandparents, Gay and Tony. During this time we met up with my sister who was in the area (sorry I couldn’t change all my plans to suit you) and took in my first harness race with Rachael’s grandparents (since they train harness race-horses) – they had two horses running in this race and one of them won! – “Kotare Roland” – it being my first harness race Gay and Tony were kind enough to let me come down to the winner’s circle with Rachael for a photo with the horse! Awesome!!

In other news I am back at work for the first time today, and trying not to get to stressed or swamped by anything. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to remember that I am only human after all. We all have limits and whilst it’s healthy to push them from time to time, it’s also healthy to understand what those limits are.

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The world is changing

As you read in the news about wars and suffering on several fronts – be it through natural disaster or man-made there is a revolution of another kind brewing (if all the big internet players would have their way) ; as long predicted the internet is about to run out of IPV4 network addresses.

This doesn’t spell the end of the internet, but it does mean a new way of working is required moving forwards; and slowly over time the internet will evolve.

In order to “test-fly” the new approach using IPV6 a large number of websites are going to enable IPV6 functionality for a 24 hour period on June 8th 2011. This will be marked as World IPV6 Day and will hopfully act as a catylist for enterprises and corporations alike to take a leap of faith. Or not? Seems there is little commercial value in changing just yet, especially if you have a long established network which is unlikley to grow any more in the future as can be said of a large number of end-layers on the global stage.

As I count down to Cisco Live 2011; my interest has certainly been piqued by IPV6; I am now inclined to run a couple of simulations of my own, and time allowing (i.e. not conflicting with work commitments) I will work towards a IPV6 mock-up of the work corporate LAN/WAN in time for this ausicious date. I am not aiming for a wholly IPV6 network but likley more of a hybrid overlay with a mixture of IPV6 and IPV4.

More on this closer to the time I guess?

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Geeks Playground!!

I was taken on a walk around one of our vendors’ ‘R&D’ areas today; so they could show off all the flashy things they are looking at both today and for tomorrow; whilst some of it in my personal opinion is a little bit of a pipedream at this moment in time, certainly not against the realms of reality; all technically feasible stuff only things that hold this ‘stuff’ back is the world of open source and ubiquity I guess? Anyhoo….they took us to that place where all the engineers work real hard, I know for a fact it was kocher; because of the low ceilings and lack of any windows or natural daylight! Interesting stuff anyways – whilst I wasn’t given a specific none disclosure form; I am savvy enough to realise that I can’t really talk in depth about the ‘stuff’ I have been privy to today. All boring stuff anyway – I don’t wanna send you all to sleep …??? (nudge -ed) dang too late!

In other news? I’m about to embark on installing Open BSD on one of my home machines. Yes UNIX not Linux….ok!! It’s all good :)

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No Rest for the Wicked!

Well…what can I say; seems like the brass band have dominated my life this year – and the culmination of all the hard work hopefully will pay dividends in a couple of weeks, when we head up to some place near Palmerston for the regional contest. Our 4th competition in 12 months of undefeated winning!!! People have high expectation since we are the current B-Grade Australasian Champions.


no pressure?!

In other news – yup!! I did it – I went low maintenance on the hair style again….it’s all gone =p Jason sooooooo owes me a week of Chinese at work 😛

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